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[OLD] MediEvil – Caddicarus

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CGRundertow MEDIEVIL for PlayStation Video Game Review

Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Medievil for the Playstation console. Join your not so heroic hero Sir Daniel Fortesque on his quest to defeat the evil Sorcerer and actually succeed this time. This adventure plays with different puzzles having you thinking from time to time where you’re going to next. Released in 1998 for the ps this game was an instant classic but was a shortlived series only having 2 sequels but still remains a play station classic to this day. This CGRundertow review features Medievil gameplay and is by CGR’s Amanda. Discover the dark secrets of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria in the iconic fnaf game series.

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I Live… Again | Medievil (PS1) Review – TGX Game Reviews

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Risen from the dead after 100 years, Sir Daniel Fortesque. Would be hero of Gallowmere. Now he’s on a quest to rid Gallowmere of the ancient wizard Zarok. A cross between Jared Leto’s Joker and Reta Repulsa. I know I say that in the video, but I was too proud of it not to use it again. Medievil is a classic to many, but is that also true to yours truly. Find out on the exciting second episode of the 4th annual 12 Days Of TGXmas. You’ll pay for the whole seat, but you’ll only need the edge.

The footage and images featured in the video were for critical review, satire and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976. If you want a link to the original content or believe your content is being used not under fair use, send me a direct message.

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[OLD] MediEvil PS4 – Caddicarus

Is the MediEvil remake any good, or a massive mistake? In this MediEvil PS4 review, Caddy dresses up like a tombstone, boils some children in a pot and wonders yet again how his life came to this point. Or, as most of the internet apparently spells it, ‘Medieval’. ▼ MORE LINKS BELOW ▼

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Sir Dan is back! Sir Daniel Fortesque has risen again, and not in PS All-Stars! If searching on YouTube – Caddicarus Medieval and Caddicarus Medieval 2 are the top results when it comes to talking about a MediEvil PS1 review. Or any kind of MediEvil review, thinking about it – when it comes to Caddy, at least. And now we confuse the search bots once again as we review the MediEvil remaster – MediEvil PS4 – MediEvil remake – whatever you want to call it! You can even say Medieval remaster – Medieval PS4 – Medieval remake. You do you. Even if it’s wrong. Anyway, I managed to grab an early review copy of the game thanks to PlayStation UK, and so I was able to get this game finished, scripted and reviewed RIGHT on the day it released worldwide on the PS4. Is the MediEvil remake any good at all? Could it be improved? Is the MediEvil PS4 OST an improvement? Should the whole thing be forgotten about and be thrown into a worst game remakes list? Well that’s what I hope to answer in this Caddicarus review – so sit back, relax, pick your jaw up from the floor (which Sir Daniel Fortesque clearly forgot to do) and get ready for my ultimate dive into Medieval remastered for a modern audience. Sorry, MediEvil remastered for a modern audience. The game name is clever, but wow is it impossible to make tags for the video when everyone thinks it’s called Medieval. Who cares.

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