Samurai Shodown V Xbox Live Hands-On

Samurai Shodown V Xbox Live Hands-On

We bust and slash our way through a nearly complete, Live-enabled version of this NeoGeo fighting game.

Samurai Shodown V (Xbox One) Arcade as Jubei

Arcade Archives NeoGeo: Samurai Shodown V (Xbox One Version) Arcade as Jubei. Note: All of my gameplay videos are uploaded for entertainment, not for skill.

Samurai Shodown – Hands-On Preview – Easy Allies

Ben and Huber explain why they’re both excited for SNK’s next big fighting game.

Coming June 25 to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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Samurai Showdown 5 (XBOX Version) Sankuro beatdown

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FT5 @samsh5sp: NinjaPownd (CO) vs Samsho22 (BO) [Samurai Shodown V Special samsho5 Fightcade] Oct 29

2022-10-29: NinjaPownd (CO) vs Samsho22 (BO) [FT5 @ Samurai Shodown V Special @ Fightcade]
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