The GTA 5 Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Has Been Rejected Again

The GTA 5 Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Has Been Rejected Again

The actress’ appeal in her GTA V likeness lawsuit with Take-Two still isn’t getting anywhere.

Lindsay Lohan loses lawsuit against GTA 5

A NEW YORK state appeals court has dismissed a lawsuit by actress Lindsay Lohan that says the producers of “Grand Theft Auto’’ used a likeness of her in one of their video games.

A panel of judges in the Manhattan Appellate Division ruled that Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. didn’t use her actual “name, portrait or picture’’ and therefore didn’t violate her right to privacy.

In the lawsuit, Lohan accused the producers of modelling her physical features, including clothing, shoulder-length blonde hair and voice in `Grand Theft Auto V,’ a video game that takes place in the fictional city “Los Santos’’ where players act as car-stealing criminals. Get hooked on the intense drama of squid game online.

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Lindsay Lohan’s GTA 5 Lawsuit Dismissed – IGN News

A New York state appellate court has decided to dismiss Lindsay Lohan lawsuit against Take-Two Interactive over what they claimed was an unauthorized use of their likeness in Grand Theft Auto V.

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Lindsay Lohan Sues Rockstar Over GTA V – IGN News

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The AP reports that Lohan is suing the developer of GTAV.

Lindsay Lohan vs GTA V. The End of the Avatar Lawsuit

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Lindsay Lohan vs GTA V. The End of the Avatar Lawsuit

This long running lawsuit between Lindsay Lohan and Take Two Interactive is finally ending. Lindsay Lohan sued the game developer of Grand Theft Auto 5 over an avatar that looked and sounded like her. This made its way through the NY courts and we now have a decision. Are avatars, such as those used in GTAV, equivalent to images or pictures of celebrities? and is this particular usage of a young woman in her 20s, really an image of Lindsay Lohan? Let’s talk

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